Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Life of a Dreadhead

I am soon coming upon my loc anniversary. It will be two years in November that I embarked on this journey and 3 years in December that I dropped my "creamy crack" habit. I do not regret going natural but at times my hair does not do what I want and I get frustrated. I work in a corporate environment and I try to look my best each day but my hair acts up at times. Some of my locs are thin, some thicker, some longer, some shorter, but they all work together to give me what I feel is a pretty decent looking set of locs. I do love them but they are like a wayward child, not behaving as you have trained them. I have no intentions on cutting them off or going back to relaxers. They have grown to become a part of my identity. Other women have complimented me on them which is flattering and my man LOVES them! So, I will continue to let them live and continue on my journey. I love being a dreadhead!!

Peace and Blessings!