Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This past month or two, I have had the air literally snatched from my lungs. I have uncovered some things that have rocked me to my core. I have had the truth shoved in my face in a way that was any thing other than subtle. My life as a revolutionary has taken a change and that change has caused me to experience a level of isolation I have never felt before . However, in looking over my life, I realize that I was placed in the position that I am in today by divine design. Let me explain. All my life, I have felt a disconnect from my family and those closest to me. I have never quite "fit in". I remember being about 4 or 5 years old. I was watching our old Teknika television and a commercial came across the screen about adoption. The child looked happy but she did not resemble the people who were holding her hands as the walked down the crowded New York street. I instantly felt that I must been adopted too. It would explain why I was interested in things my family cared nothing about such as art (sculpture, paintings, etc), why I felt at home with nature as though Mother Nature herself may have been my mother, why I had such a huge imagination, etc. I felt like a black sheep. So, I must be adopted. So, I went to my mother and I asked her. She laughed and said no I was not adopted. However, the feeling of not belonging never left me. In school, I talked to everyone and was never "clique-ish". It seemed I was always last to know, last to see, always off to myself. But, now I overstand that my life was designed as such. Being fully awakened to the true history of my people, my spirituality, the very root of my family, is tough. But, it is necessary. The chain is broken from my seeds going forth. They will know the whole truth. The will overstand who they really are. The basis of African consciousness goes back further than I could have ever imagined and I know it is true. It is essential that I continue to grow into my true self and do away with old ways. It is not an easy task but it is necessary. My ancestors have spoken.

One Love,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's Use the Blueprint

Back in 1922, Marcus Garvey spoke of the true solution of the Negro problem. He listed 3 main issues in America: lynching, peonage, and disenfranchisement. Now, why is it that we still have these issues today. We are being lynched by our police officers and our own community by guns at an alarming rate. We are disenfranchised most certainly. We have little to no power over the economics of our communities, over the education of our children, over how our communities are governed and policed. We suffer from peonage as well, slaves to debt caused by college loans, cash advances, and short term loans at companies charging exorbitant interest fees—all in an attempt at survival. So, what is the solution?
Garvey felt the solution was for all African people, no matter the continent they resided on , to unite, return to Africa, and build a true nation of our own people. He stated “If the Negro were to live in this Western Hemisphere for another five hundred years he would still be outnumbered by other races that are prejudiced against him. He cannot resort to the government for protection for government will be in the hands of the majority of the people who are prejudiced against him, hence for the Negro to depend on the ballot and his industrial progress alone, will be hopeless as it does not help him when he is lynched, burned, jim-crowed and segregated. The future of the Negro therefore, outside of Africa, spells ruin and disaster.” And at this point in time, I agree with his sentiment. It may not be feasible for all of us to move to Africa today, but it is pertinent and urgent that we unite. We must support each other’s businesses; we must build our own schools to teach our children to be financially responsible, to know their history beyond Massa’s house, to respect and love each other and to build strong communities. It starts with each of us. 
Garvey spoke of building national independence—an African nation including the whole African diaspora. I know that this is needed. This is survival of the fittest and only the strong will survive. His writings are still relevant. He, Malcolm X, and other leaders have already given us the blueprint for success. We just need to execute the plan.
Peace & Blessings,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Call for Love

There has been another life taken too soon; another life lost to senselessness. But, again lies the question of what next. What are we going to do to change our condition? And when will change come? I learned long ago that people do not change because things happened or because we ask them to. People change when they choose to. I can only speak from my position as a black woman, an African woman living in this desolate country of America. And this morning, I am angry. I am angry that we as a community, the diaspora has not found the love that was lost back on the plantation. We still are suffering from the effects of slavery. On the plantations, we were property and a life could be taken at any given moment. Years of abuse, rape, and forced servitude caused our psyches to morph until the point of us now being uncaring for one another. Our lives were not valued and we began to believe the same as what was given, that we do not matter and a dead black man is the best condition for a black man. We lack love because to love is to sacrifice and to lose that which you love can break you. We were sold away from family, stripped of every bit of our identity, and thus, we never recaptured the essence of true community. So, we stopped loving. We stopped seeing each other as brothers and sisters. And many of us still see each other as 3/5 of a human being. Many of us still have a “crabs in a barrel” mentality, in which envy and jealousy drive us to depths of instant insanity. That momentary insanity is why right now we are killing each other.
The systemic genocide of the people has caused a huge rift and we continue to feed into the curse. And our men are being murdered by their own African family at an alarming rate.  But, there is hope, as long as there is life, there is hope. We must begin to love on one another. Teach our children the value of their lives, as well as the lives of others. We must resolve clean up our neighborhoods and communities. My grandmother used to say “Sweep around your own front door before you tell your neighbor to do so.” Demand that the elected officials of the towns and cities in which we live are held accountable. Make them get the guns off the street! And when you see those in your communities who are breaking the law and acting a fool, report them. Go to your city and county council meetings and let your voice be heard. There are city council meetings for a reason; instead of these officials focusing on drugs and nonsense, let’s work towards getting the guns off the streets, economic development, and educational programs and outreach. Let the religious leaders come forth and assist. There are far too many talkers and not enough doers.Call your Senators and congressman and request bills for stricter gun laws and for reform. Be active in your local and state government.
Black man rise up! There used to be a time when you protected us. We need you in our communities right now. Your presence is so needed. It has been proven that communities that have a strong male presence have lesser crime. You must be the model. Time out for childish games! And we as a people must begin to focus on the issues—our people are struggling for survival. Instead of hating your brothers and sisters, love them. When will we realize that we are all we that we have? Help them when they need it. When you see these teenagers doing things that you know they have no business doing, talk to them or at least reach out to their family so they can. Don’t your dare turn a blind eye for another day!  And for those of you who walk around with rose-colored glasses on, it is high time that you took them off and faced facts. We are dying! And if you are going to be complacent, you are a part of the problem!
At the end of the day, someone else has been killed. The blood is calling out from the streets asking for change. Let’s not go another day without starting to change. Please hear me. If we do not take a stand-who will?


Monday, January 5, 2015


Well, it is now 2015 and I am super excited about all the things to come this year. Last year, I met and connected with some of the most amazing people on the planet--activists, poets, black nationalists, warriors, just great people. I read something today that 15 is a number of deliverance. So, this year can be the year of coming out from under oppression, strongholds, and anything that has been hindering our growth and progression. The universe is powerful indeed and it took me years to realize that our words are powerful and we have the ability to speak things into existence. I have many people connected to me that have big dreams. They aspire to greatness. And so, in order to attain those things in which they desire is to begin to talk the talk. We must say, believe, and work towards our goals. We must believe without a shadow of a doubt that we can and we will complete the work in which we were truly created to do. Faith is defined as "complete confidence or trust in something or someone." We must believe with complete confidence that our dreams will be a reality. This is my hope for each of you for 2015. All that you desire, that you have worked so hard for, that you dream about, happens for each of you. I truly believe that you can have that which you desire. 
If you believe........

Peace & Blessings, 
Andre'a The Lioness