Tuesday, March 24, 2015


This morning, I saw a brief summary of a situation that a white man is going through that truly made me think and in turn, of course, write. Basically, he is dating or married to a Sistar. Now they want to have a child. He works in a restaurant and while at work , he enjoys playing music. Apparently he was listening to some rap music and someone he works with mentioned “Niggers, that’s what they say all the time right? Nigger this, nigger that.” Well, this white man was offended and is thinking of taking some type of action against the individual.  I know you are probably thinking that I would say that we should boycott the restaurant or take some action to bring this racist to light, however, I am thinking something a little deeper.
Would the guy be as offended if he was not involved with a Sistar? Would he have defended an Afrikan stranger against the same type of abuse? What has he done to effectively combat and address racism as it exists in his community? I can answer for him. The answer is a resounding no. I will take it a step further and say that he has heard white people call Afrikans nigger before and it probably did not bother him , not until he had a Queen on his arm and is considering having a baby with her.
What White Amerikkka needs to understand is that we are not going to be sympathetic if you only show interest when the issue at hand is dealing with your personal issue. We need you to give a damn ALL THE TIME—not just when it inconveniences or hurts you. Your sympathy is not needed. If you really want to help out this racial issue in this country, how about challenge your people to deal with us fairly. How about asking the school system to change its policies when dealing with our children? How about lobbying for our people to get reparations that are so justly owed to us? How about providing resources for us to establish our own sustainable communities? Work with us for the greater cause for ALL of us-not just when it affects the one you love!
The racial divides and the oppressiveness of the systems in place in this country and abroad is deplorable.  We are significantly under-education, mis-educated, victimized, murdered, etc. We are told to “forget”, “to move on”, to “let the past go”. We are blamed for our condition when our condition is a direct result of the atrocities of the past. I could go on and on and on about what was done and how we are still suffering from “post slavery syndrome” but, I will not.
I do challenge white people who claim to care about our condition and who are not blind to the injustices that they see to stop being complacent and be truthful about their position. No you do not own slaves, but you benefit from the wealth that slaves built. Having a “black” friend does not mean you are not racist—face it! Stop feeling like Afrikan people should “move on”. Do you ask Jews to forget Hitler? And most of all, when you see injustice, do not be so quick to assume the Afrikan is guilty of something to cause this to befall them. Do  your part! Stop pretending to be “legally blind” every time you see the people being done wrong and encourage your people to do the same. Realize that the Amerikkka that you know is NOT the Amerikkka that truly exists.


Andre’a The Tru Lioness 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lately, I have had some very interesting conversations with Sistars on their relationships. And what I have seen is that their situations mirror my own  life in many ways. They are dealing with men who refuse to acknowledge their feelings. The men continue the same behavior thus leaving the woman feeling disappointed, hurt, and betrayed. I have had to realize that I am speaking to myself when I provide them insight on how I view the situation. Relationships are tricky things and have periods similar to high tide at the beach, highs and lows. What we have to do is learn to ride the waves. But, there also lies the decisions that can be most difficult--is this relationship worth it?

I was married for 7 years and was with my husband for a total of 10 years-- a whole decade. In retrospect, I realize I shortchanged myself ; denied myself the things that I needed as a woman--affection, attention, and most of all, genuine love. I had to come to the conclusion that I was merely a convenience to this man and that at the end of the day, our marriage was a farce, a beautiful illusion, complete with children, family van, and holiday fare. I lost who I was trying to please him. Once I decided I was done, I began to see with different eyes. I realized that a relationship is not supposed to drain you, it should enrich your life. It is the deepest of partnerships.

So, when I hear how much pain my Sistars are in, when I hear the depth of love they have for their men--it pains me. What our community lacks is strong, black families and I for one, hate to see us disjointed. But, a Sistar should not deny her feelings and the man she is with, should acknowledge those feelings. I feel that if your mate truly wants to be with you, they will do whatever is required. When you love, you love purely and the happiness of your mate becomes of the utmost importance. Will there be disagreements? Most certainly. However, the "hot button" issues will be laid aside and the level of consideration will be present.

Sistars, I implore you to search your heart and be strong enough to walk away if that man is not the King for you. Brothas, I implore you to soul search. If this is the Queen that you desire, treat her as such. We need each other. Anything other than unity would be uncivilized.

Peace & Blessings,

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nation Building

Each and every morning, I read the top stories on Atlanta Blackstar and The Root , and each and every day, the weight of oppression seems to hold me hostage. We have people in Flint, MI who do not have access to clean water, we have a DOJ who refuses to hold police officers accountable and have the audacity to attempt to pacify us with rhetoric regarding racist routines of officers, we have people who remain deaf, dumb, and blind, who are consumed by shows such as "Empire" , unknowingly supporting terrible stereotypical images of who we are as a people. Our children are miseducated and labeled, our health suffers due to lack of insurance or money as well as poor choices. We are in an absolute mess. Our community lacks substantial leadership from our men; so many of them slaves in the penal system. Many of our people are zombies, totally brainwashed and conditioned by the oppressors. 
It is high time for a total and complete transition and return to our roots. We must strive to first unite and then build. We desperately need our own communities. There has been an increase in the number of our people who are homeschooling their children. We need community organic gardens so that we can eat healthy foods free of  GMO's. We need to build a nation. Nation building begins at home. We are all responsible for the children. We know better so we need to teach them appropriately. They need to not only know of the atrocities of slavery but of the glory of Kemet, Nubia, Kush, etc. We need to be accountable for our elders. They should be held in the highest esteem. We need to care for our homeless and our sick. We have people dying from HIV and AIDS. Each one needs to teach many!! 
For those of you who are "conscious" and working to awaken and unite the people, much love and respect to you! I need for each of you to think of what you can do to help build the nation. Our forefathers and mothers have written the blueprint--we only need to follow and apply the knowledge. Land purchase, wealth generation, boycotts, proper nutrition, Afrikan-centered lifestyle, and resuming Afrikan spirituality are priority. The knowledge is free and many Sistars and Brothas are more than willing to lend a hand and help you find your way. We are not going anywhere!  There are many of us coming forth every day. We are waiting on you. 

Andre'a The Lioness