Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nation Building

Each and every morning, I read the top stories on Atlanta Blackstar and The Root , and each and every day, the weight of oppression seems to hold me hostage. We have people in Flint, MI who do not have access to clean water, we have a DOJ who refuses to hold police officers accountable and have the audacity to attempt to pacify us with rhetoric regarding racist routines of officers, we have people who remain deaf, dumb, and blind, who are consumed by shows such as "Empire" , unknowingly supporting terrible stereotypical images of who we are as a people. Our children are miseducated and labeled, our health suffers due to lack of insurance or money as well as poor choices. We are in an absolute mess. Our community lacks substantial leadership from our men; so many of them slaves in the penal system. Many of our people are zombies, totally brainwashed and conditioned by the oppressors. 
It is high time for a total and complete transition and return to our roots. We must strive to first unite and then build. We desperately need our own communities. There has been an increase in the number of our people who are homeschooling their children. We need community organic gardens so that we can eat healthy foods free of  GMO's. We need to build a nation. Nation building begins at home. We are all responsible for the children. We know better so we need to teach them appropriately. They need to not only know of the atrocities of slavery but of the glory of Kemet, Nubia, Kush, etc. We need to be accountable for our elders. They should be held in the highest esteem. We need to care for our homeless and our sick. We have people dying from HIV and AIDS. Each one needs to teach many!! 
For those of you who are "conscious" and working to awaken and unite the people, much love and respect to you! I need for each of you to think of what you can do to help build the nation. Our forefathers and mothers have written the blueprint--we only need to follow and apply the knowledge. Land purchase, wealth generation, boycotts, proper nutrition, Afrikan-centered lifestyle, and resuming Afrikan spirituality are priority. The knowledge is free and many Sistars and Brothas are more than willing to lend a hand and help you find your way. We are not going anywhere!  There are many of us coming forth every day. We are waiting on you. 

Andre'a The Lioness