Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Play Your Position

Peace everyone. The importance of each of us in this fight against racism and the oppressive forces that be must be looked at on a case by case basis. We must know what our position is and where we are best able and equipped to perform. Some of us are born leaders and have strength in motivating others to be active, some of us are marchers, some of us are speakers and powerful orators, some of us are strong administratively, but we all have a role. You must be willing and able to identify where you fit and go hard at the task at hand. Often we get caught up in the titles and the limelight; just because you don't get any press, does not mean you are not valued or valuable. We need security for events, we need people writing and petitioning, we need strategists. There will always be "grunt work" but as long as we are reaching our goals, we should find satisfaction. Ancient Afrikan civilizations functioned as a community and that is why they were so successful. We must reclaim our Afrikan  consciousness and properly apply the principles of our people. We will see more progress when we attack as a group! Remember, true unity is key. So, the idea that you have had and that is being held hostage in the recesses of your mind may be your role. If you feel inclined to go out and feed the protestors--do it! If you want to speak to the youth about their history--do it! Find your niche because everyone has a position in the nation !

Peace & Blessings,