Friday, September 27, 2013

From a Bird's Eye View

I have begun to notice that I am changing and have changed dramatically over the past few years. I see the world so differently. The world is such a different place and it is easy to become overwhelmed with the constant stimulation provided to use through smartphones, television, internet, etc. Contrary to many people's beliefs, I am a very introspective and at times, introverted individual. I am much more aware of how vast the world is but at the same time, how interconnected we all are. I remember a childhood friend attempting to explain to me that we are all only six degrees separated from one another and I am beginning to believe it to an extent. We are share a familial spirit through basic humanity. We all hunger, we all thirst, we all need shelter, food, clothing,love. We are all walking a path. Everyone's path is different and there are many intersections, crosswalks, and speed bumps along the way. My dear grandmother used to say "Everyone has to play the cards they are dealt". But, isn't it better if we have a partner to help? I have come to the realization that my presence and my life do matter to others and my activities, though small to me, are significant to others. Let us all be more mindful. Everyday you wake up, you have purpose. You are a part, no matter your station in this life--you are a part.

Peace & Blessings,

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What to do When You've Done All You Can

This life, as beautiful as it is, is full of trials and tests. Things will assumedly be good and then all of a sudden, Wham! You are in a car accident, you get laid off, your parents become sick. How do you continue to be happy when dread comes knocking on  the door? I tell you what I do--I keep moving! I love the movie "Meet the Robinsons". In the movie, Mr. Robinson had a motto "Keep moving forward." He didn't allow a defeating attitude to consume him or to stop him from pursuing his dreams. If an invention didn't work, he kept working on it until he perfected it. In life, we will make mistakes, it is human nature. However, we must learn from our mistakes and not let what we did dictate who we are. Depression can settle in rapidly if given the right circumstances. We must not live in the past with the attitude of "What if" or "If only". We must resolve to have an attitude of "The next time" and "What I learned is". Pass on your experience and your wisdom to the up-and-coming generation-they will appreciate the lessons later on trust me. We aren't born with the foreknowledge of how to navigate this life, we must learn in reverse. No matter how cloudy it is, the sun is still shining. Keep moving forward!!!

Peace and Blessings!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday, Friday, So Glad to See You!

This week I have been super busy and I am so glad to see today. Friday is for many the start of the weekend, but for me it is time for family. I thoroughly enjoy seeing my children relax after a hard week at school, my man do his thing in the kitchen (he is a chef), and to just enjoy the simplicities of life. Life is so short, much shorter than we think. We need to learn to cherish the moments and create experiences, not just memories. I want to live a life of no regrets. If I live to be an old lady, I do not want to reminisce about what I could have done, but rather about the time when I did. So, live each day like it's your last because it might be. Love truly and love hard, you never know when it might be the last time you see that person. Savor family time, kids grow up really rapidly and parents age even quicker. Learn new things, meet new people, eat different foods, smell the roses. Live.

Peace and Blessing!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Are Black Men Under Attack?

The tragic shooting of Jonathan Ferrell in East Charlotte this week is a story that is becoming all too familiar on the news and very disheartening to our communities. I have four sons and I am very fearful for them as they grow. Society views them as a threat, a menace, a thug. Jonathan Ferrell was seeking help and the ones that should have helped him, killed him. What in the world is going on? So many black men have been killed in this way and it is painful to watch. On the same news as this story, comes a story of another black man, Aaron Alexis,  this one the facilitator of violence, killing 13 people including himself and injuring ten. People that know him indicated they would have never thought he could or would do such a thing. But, he did. Is this an expression of his hatred of America and the injustices that plaque us or was this simply an act of a man who was evil and raged against the innocent? I personally do not know either of them but, I will say that if you continue to call a person a certain thing and treat them as such, eventually, that individual will become what you call him. Let us begin to call each other brother, sister, friend, great, loving, beautiful, peaceful, all the things we need in our world, because it is getting dark my dear brothers and sisters. It is getting dark.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Life of a Dreadhead

I am soon coming upon my loc anniversary. It will be two years in November that I embarked on this journey and 3 years in December that I dropped my "creamy crack" habit. I do not regret going natural but at times my hair does not do what I want and I get frustrated. I work in a corporate environment and I try to look my best each day but my hair acts up at times. Some of my locs are thin, some thicker, some longer, some shorter, but they all work together to give me what I feel is a pretty decent looking set of locs. I do love them but they are like a wayward child, not behaving as you have trained them. I have no intentions on cutting them off or going back to relaxers. They have grown to become a part of my identity. Other women have complimented me on them which is flattering and my man LOVES them! So, I will continue to let them live and continue on my journey. I love being a dreadhead!!

Peace and Blessings!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday the 13th- A Family's Superstition

Here it is Friday the 13th, a dreaded day of bad luck for some, but for me, it's just a day. I grew up in a somewhat superstitious family; a mother who would (and still won't) leave the house on Friday the 13th. The house could catch on fire and I would have to physically force her out! I am no fan of horror movies and the Friday the 13th movies were the worse! However, I have experienced some "good" luck on Friday the 13th, one experience in particular is getting my drivers license on Friday, August 13, 1999. I am no believer in luck but karma is the same belief as reaping what you sow, so I do believe in it. Friday the 13th is just another day, plain and simple. Now, let me go on about my day.

Peace and Blessings!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who Am I?

Who am I? Isn't this a question most of us have asked? I am still learning who I am day by day. Many of us equate our jobs to who we are but that is more of what you are. I am a mother first and foremost of six amazing children. I am a student (completing my MBA as we speak). I am a daughter, sister, friend, advisor, girlfriend, lover, the list can go on and on. But, what I have learned about myself is that complacency is not a state of mind that I attest to . I have to move, I have to learn, I have to grow. This blog will be a reflection of my journey through this maze called life. I will share my opinions on issues that I am passionate about, I will vent, I will express myself, I will educate, I will learn. So, welcome to the mind of Andre'a-get ready for an awesome journey.

Syria-What To Do?

My mind is reeling over the idea of America attacking Syria. I love President Obama, don't get me wrong, but I do not think that this is a good idea. Many of us have family over in Iraq and Afghanistan and with President Assad making the threats he's making, our government would be well served to take heed. More lives will be lost. I do empathize with the innocents, those caught in a battle that was not theirs to begin with, but America is not and should not attempt to police the world. What is the solution? I honestly do not know. I would never want a position such as president when the world is expecting me to be a savior. I pray for those who suffer and I pray for those in authority. What a job? I am praying for resolution. Maybe Assad will contract ebola and cease to exist. Oh well, so much for wishful thinking.