Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Are Black Men Under Attack?

The tragic shooting of Jonathan Ferrell in East Charlotte this week is a story that is becoming all too familiar on the news and very disheartening to our communities. I have four sons and I am very fearful for them as they grow. Society views them as a threat, a menace, a thug. Jonathan Ferrell was seeking help and the ones that should have helped him, killed him. What in the world is going on? So many black men have been killed in this way and it is painful to watch. On the same news as this story, comes a story of another black man, Aaron Alexis,  this one the facilitator of violence, killing 13 people including himself and injuring ten. People that know him indicated they would have never thought he could or would do such a thing. But, he did. Is this an expression of his hatred of America and the injustices that plaque us or was this simply an act of a man who was evil and raged against the innocent? I personally do not know either of them but, I will say that if you continue to call a person a certain thing and treat them as such, eventually, that individual will become what you call him. Let us begin to call each other brother, sister, friend, great, loving, beautiful, peaceful, all the things we need in our world, because it is getting dark my dear brothers and sisters. It is getting dark.