Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's Use the Blueprint

Back in 1922, Marcus Garvey spoke of the true solution of the Negro problem. He listed 3 main issues in America: lynching, peonage, and disenfranchisement. Now, why is it that we still have these issues today. We are being lynched by our police officers and our own community by guns at an alarming rate. We are disenfranchised most certainly. We have little to no power over the economics of our communities, over the education of our children, over how our communities are governed and policed. We suffer from peonage as well, slaves to debt caused by college loans, cash advances, and short term loans at companies charging exorbitant interest fees—all in an attempt at survival. So, what is the solution?
Garvey felt the solution was for all African people, no matter the continent they resided on , to unite, return to Africa, and build a true nation of our own people. He stated “If the Negro were to live in this Western Hemisphere for another five hundred years he would still be outnumbered by other races that are prejudiced against him. He cannot resort to the government for protection for government will be in the hands of the majority of the people who are prejudiced against him, hence for the Negro to depend on the ballot and his industrial progress alone, will be hopeless as it does not help him when he is lynched, burned, jim-crowed and segregated. The future of the Negro therefore, outside of Africa, spells ruin and disaster.” And at this point in time, I agree with his sentiment. It may not be feasible for all of us to move to Africa today, but it is pertinent and urgent that we unite. We must support each other’s businesses; we must build our own schools to teach our children to be financially responsible, to know their history beyond Massa’s house, to respect and love each other and to build strong communities. It starts with each of us. 
Garvey spoke of building national independence—an African nation including the whole African diaspora. I know that this is needed. This is survival of the fittest and only the strong will survive. His writings are still relevant. He, Malcolm X, and other leaders have already given us the blueprint for success. We just need to execute the plan.
Peace & Blessings,