Friday, January 10, 2014

Poetry Share

 I usually do not share my poems with just anyone, but these days, I am all about pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I find writing to be soothing to my soul and often I will write poetry to purge myself emotionally. So, below you will find one of my latest efforts. I do hope you enjoy.

Strong, independent
Her walk is scented
Passion not freely given
She loves hard
 They come and beg
Speaking syrupy sweet
Lying with every
Other beat
She desires to be held
An eternity if possible
One man to be there
Seems hardly from plausible
Spent nights intertwined
In ecstasy and sweat
But when she offers her heart
They answer “Not yet”
Her heart is bruised
Battered and bleeding
Live a fresh harvest
Ready for reaping
Shadow after shadow
Dark suggestions under
Cloud of night
Never experiencing real love
A Day in her life