Monday, January 27, 2014

Poetry post--"Excuses"

Well, I am a bit emotional and writing always helps me to regroup and focus so, here is a poem I would like to share tonight. I hope you enjoy.


It is your fault, you say to me

I am always right, can’t you see?

I would have never done this if you hadn’t said that

Your harsh words bite like wind on a cold winter night

You have no sympathy when you speak

Our future is beginning to appear so bleak

Why make excuses so that you can behave this way?

Why make excuses for what you want to say?

Go ahead make your move, I know you do not realize

I see the end of us, it should not come as a surprise

Things with us began as in a dream

Two bruised and battered souls meeting on a plane

Made for each other so it seemed

But as time has passed, I realized it is my fault

To think the love I sought could so easily be caught

Stop with your excuses, I cannot take anymore

Stop breaking my heart, stomping it on the bare floor

Excuses are no excuse, I will forgive never forget

I am at my breaking point and my mind is set

I will not continue to take abuse and I will  not try to mend this again

Because giving you my love is a sin, and I have too much within

I do not see you worthy of a love so true, So love you know

What we must do

Part ways and begin again, reminisce about the fun and think

“Remember when…….”
I know you may say "Damn you are cold"
But your mind games are getting old
Stop starting fights that you will not win
Because in the end
We will remember we're supposed to be friends.
I love you to the moon and back
But this nonsense makes me want to get my bag
And pack
Sometimes we have to reason and listen
Or die being right in a love bare mental prison.