Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Life’s inconveniences can cause a person to be become more humble and grateful for each and every blessing. How often do you go about your day, not considering how you would function without your sight, a home, a reliable means of transportation, without food? Nine times out of ten, we get out of bed, begin our day, go to work, eat dinner, etc, all without thinking about how we would function without. I saw a blind gentlemen on the bus yesterday. I thought to myself, how must he feel to not be able to see where is going, to see people, places, to function each day without his sight. I did not feel pity, I more or less felt disappointment in myself because I often focus on things that are not anywhere s necessary as my sight. So what I have to get up a little earlier to get to work! So what I cannot afford to eat out everyday! What would I do without my sight, my hearing, my intellectual abilities, my health? I am challenging myself to not only be more grateful, but to bite my tongue if I even think about complaining. Gratefulness is a choice. If we were to take time to list all the blessings that we have, it is my belief that we wouldn’t be able to. We do not recognize what we have until we no longer have  or its in jeopardy. Challenge yourself to meditate on your blessings—it will improve your day and change your attitude.