Friday, December 6, 2013

To Nelson Mandela

Dear Nelson,
I never met you physically but I have admired you all of my life. You were a great and powerful man with a heart of gold. You inspired nations of people to stand for what was right. How you must have felt when you were imprisoned all those years? How many tears did you shed? Your walk of life was emblazoned with an amazing light and your words pierced the heart of your oppressors. When I received the news of your passing, my soul cried because one of our pioneers, one of our fathers had passed on. But, oh, what a gift you were to us all. I have been moved to my core from your struggles and you made me want to do better. You gave us all hope that things can change--one person can truly make a difference. Nelson, I love you father. I hope to inspire change in the way you have. You have left an indellible mark on this world and will forever live on in us. I pray that we do not disappoint you, that our ways are not offensive. Some of us do care about the plight and condition of our people. Some of us still fight. We are here dear Nelson, we are here...

Peace & Blessings,