Sunday, December 15, 2013

Black Woman

Black woman, where is your pride? You are the mother of nations. You have history coursing through your veins. I am disturbed by the images of us that I see each day. Are we only a set of thighs, breasts, and a behind? Is our flesh the only portion of us that is valuable? What about our daughters? What lessons are we teaching them by “twerking” and posting picture of our bodies on Social media for likes? Is your worth only found between your thighs? I am sorry if it sounds like I’m preaching but I wanted to address this issue. Why are we so quick to talk about one another and put each other down? We are sisters and we should uplift one another. We are the backbone of the family. Our family needs us. Our community needs us. Our sisters need us. I love you my sister. I love you Black Woman. Have fun but never lose respect for yourself. You are rarer than a ruby. You are more precious than the rarest jewels. You a worth more than your fleshly weight in gold.



Peace & Blessings,