Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Endangered Species

With the approaching holiday, I cannot help but think of the plight of our community. Young, black men are dying everyday, many times by the hand of other young, black men. What is the solution? We need to rebuild our community but first we need to change our mindset. Our community has an enslaved mentality and for those of us who have freed our minds, we are largely outnumbered. We are jealous of each others growth and success.We "hate" on one another. But why? You are my brother--aren't I supposed to love you? We should be proud for each other and our accomplishments. We struggle against a system that was designed for individuals who do not look like us. We struggle against injustice. Did we not forget our past? We were once property, with absolutely no rights. Many of us do not know from whence we came. Your ancestors are not from Brooklyn, NY! Where is our pride? Where is the love? What happened to black power? So, when you are sitting at your table enjoying your meal, I want you to think about all these brothers we have lost. They will never again be able to physically enjoy the company of family again. They will never share good times with family again. They are gone from this life. They have transitioned without choice. Life is good--I just wish our brothers knew that.. RIP to all my brothers that lost their life to violence. I would name a few but the list is too long and to painful. But know this-you are not forgotten and I will continue to fight for you, this is my way to honor your memory. One Love!

Peace & Blessings,