Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Season of Love

It seems that so many people that I know are getting married or are planning on getting married. It is so sweet. The blushing bride, the proud and nervous groom, the d├ęcor, the preparation, the family and friends; all serve as adornment for the honored event. But, outside of the good feelings I have towards them and their future plans, there is sense of pride and hope. It takes a radical individual to dedicate themselves to another through marriage. The vows in essence say that you are willing to stay and fight with and for that person, through sickness, poverty,etc. I am, at heart, a hopeless romantic. These wedding pictures I see each day are full of joy, hope, and love. I am blessed to be able to see so many lovely people join with another. It is a sacred thing that has to be cultivated, cherished, and protected. The end of a marriage can be devastating. Honestly, even though I am a divorcee, I still have nothing but positive energy in regards to marriage. It is a beautiful thing. It gives me hope that all is not lost. True love and devotion still exists. I would just like to offer a tidbit of advice from my personal experience. Make sure that you share in the same vision and know that one person cannot make a marriage--it takes both individuals. On that note, I look forward to seeing more pictures and I wouldn't mind being invited to a few! May  these couples be blessed in their new union with joy, peace, and eternal happiness.

Peace & Blessings,