Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Turkey Day is on Deck!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I have to say I am super excited! It has always been one of my most favorite holidays not because of the food but because of the family time. When I was growing up, my family used to have large gatherings at Thanksgiving. We would sit around and joke, listen to stories from the elders, eat, and just generally enjoy one another's company. I miss those days! One of my favorite people was my Uncle Otho Jr. He was the coolest cat around! He always wore a brim or one of the hats like Kangaroo Jack, Stetsons, cologne, and ride around in his old-school Chevrolet convertible with the white wall tires! The man had swagger that was just genuine and I loved to ride in the convertible with him and listen to his tapes which included the O'Jays, Al Green, Muddy Waters, among others. It is memories such as this that make me strive for my children to truly understand and enjoy Thanksgiving and their family. It is a requirement for us to be together on the holidays, no matter what. One of my children is almost grown, however, he knows the holidays are a must-attend event. And I have made a few traditions of my own that may sound familiar to you--we watch football, I only make my famous dressing twice a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas), we visit with family, and we chill. So, this year, we will do what we do; cook, eat, reminisce, and enjoy each other, because family is the greatest gift of all!

Peace & Blessings,