Thursday, October 17, 2013

Social Media-Friend or Foe?

I am posting this in response to a situation that occurred in my life that caused confusion and hurt. As I perused a loved one's page, I happened upon some pictures of him with an ex. The pictures were not "explicit" but it was a reminder of how cruel people can be on social media. They have knowledge of people's situations, relationships, etc. but they intentionally post things to cast doubt or "stir the pot" as my Grandma Lillie would say. Yes, the picture was old however, it ended up being plastered on the homepage of said loved one which to other people's eyes, gave the appearance that they are still a "couple". It is especially disheartening when no correction is applied.  It is a sad day when you receive satisfaction in attempting to bring misery to others. Ten years ago "Twitter wars" and "Facebook bashing" did not exist. When we had issues, we handled them face to face. People have begun to live on social media and instead of dealing with their issues up close and personal, they prefer to air their dirty laundry over the internet. Passive aggressive acts such as posting that picture is in my opinion idiotic and infantile. The power of social media is one that is not easily harnessed and if it was not for the positives (advertising, maintaining friendships long distance, seeing my family that live far away such as my nephew in Alaska) I would delete my accounts. People do not realize the impact of their social media presence and as a result they do things that are just downright ignorant. We must all learn to behave more responsibly. Individual situations change, lives change, life partners change--sometimes. The past should be kept in the past, not copied to a wall in such a blazon way. Back in the day, I would straight up act ignorant when I felt disrespected. But, I am a grown woman now so I will remain a lady. I choose to instead chronicle my opinions for others to read or hear. Some may say that I am a hypocrite because I share personal experiences on my blog and post to social media. However, I disagree. I explicitly stated in my first post that my blog is just that -my blog. It is an outlet for me to say what I feel and think. No one has to go to the link if they don't want to. However, I appreciate all those that do read and do so with an open mind and heart. With that being said, let me end with a quote by Robert Frost

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
Peace & Blessings,