Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Acts of Defeat

They burned down Michael Brown's memorial today and before I became enraged, I felt myself become tickled. Why you ask? Because one thing I know from experience is when someone is defeated, they will seek to do anything to gain attention or some footing. Black people are becoming more and more organized and unified and with that comes change but also a threat to the powers that be. Oppressive forces that have worked in this country for many years are feeling the shift of impending change and with that they throw a tantrum. It is like a child who is told no. They fall to the floor, kicking and screaming, wanting to get their way. This is the action of the oppressors is one of a coward. They do not want to confront the truth, they desire for us to forget the fallen youth, but we will not. We are fighting and organizing every day. We are progressing. We are about to change the face of Black America and they see it! We are coming! And we are growing larger everyday!