Friday, October 10, 2014

United We Stand

Another son taken. Another shooting in Missouri. Several weeks ago, a dear friend and comrade of mine posted that every 28 hours, a black person is murdered by the police and the vast majority of those who die are black men. Now yet another victim, an 18 year old father was killed by an off-duty police officer. The officers of course claim he had a gun but witnesses to the shooting said he only had a sandwich. A sandwich. So, not only will a pack of Skittles, hoodie, tea, and being in “the wrong neighborhood” even though your father resided in the area, but a sandwich can be mistaken for a gun, a “loosey” cigarette is deemed resisting arrest, you can be tasered for not identifying yourself, even though you are a passenger in a vehicle, and also shot for walking in the street. You have to question yourself as to what you as a black person can do. Must we become hostage in our homes and choose not to venture out because we may be shoot under the cloak of ridiculous suspicion and absolute and total hatred for your skin color.
What a difficult life it is to be black! To live in a world that sees you as ugly, inconvenient, ignorant, threatening, and most of all –unworthy. Yet, the world desires to be us and often steal our culture through cultural appropriation. And then there are those of us who choose to remain passive, who are either totally blind to the reality of life or have chosen “not to get involved” because fear holds them captive. It is sad that so many of our brothers and sisters seem not to “get it” and do not think that we need change.
Then there is me and my “family”. We are fighters. We are set to act and we do not and will not stop. Even as I type this, my adrenaline runs high because I know the stuff we are made of. We march, we boycott, we protest, we educate, we stimulate, we are united and it is scaring people. We have joined together and we are solidly standing and looking the face of our oppressors in the eye. We never tire when it comes to the liberation of our people. Join us in the fight! Everyone has a role to play and each of you are very important to this struggle.
Unite. Organize. Deploy.

Peace & Blessings,