Wednesday, September 3, 2014

RIP to the Young Brothers & Sisters

The violence that exists within the community is sickening to me. We live in a time in which money is hard to come by, where “that’s not my business” is the mentality, and  peace is even harder to find. The people that should be working together to improve things are the perpetrators. You are brothers and sisters, bonded by time and blood. I feel nothing but sorrow at the news of another young one being killed but, I am never going to give up hope that we can be and do better. I know it may be nearly impossible, but we can make things better by holding each other accountable. I personally can’t support anyone that sees wrong and won’t do anything about it. No, I am not your sister if you don’t love your people. We have time and attention for everything but when these things happen, everyone is sad but you see wrong going on every day and it’s always ok until it affects you. It’s not. We need to destroy and rebuild!

Make public servants work, if you see someone breaking in a house, call the cops, if you hear a gun go off, call them. Go to meetings. Do something other than shake your head and saying it’s a shame. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Talk to our young people. Let them know they are loved. Let them know they are needed. Let them know you care. Stop trying to be their friends. You need to maintain a level of respect with them and stop turning a blind eye to what they do or have done wrong. No the mentality that exists is not totally on our shoulders but we are the only ones that can change our condition. Wake up! RIP to the lost lives in the streets! Stop the violence!