Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pain & Peace

Peace and many blessings to each of you!
I have been wanting to write for some time now but it seemed as though the words would not formulate and I just was feeling simply "uninspired". Anyway, life happened, as it will and I felt overwhelmed. I lost a dear family member, ended a relationship, felt consumed by all of my financial responsibilities, all the while I pretended that all was well and I had it all under control.
These past few weeks have been difficult to say the least but, as I sit here , I can feel nothing but gratefulness for the trials. Each experience, negative or positive, can be a very useful tool. First of all, these trying times will reveal people's true intentions towards you. People tend to get very fickle when the sun stops shining and the torrential rains pour.
Secondly, experiences have the ability to build your resilience. For example, many people know that I have had a lot of loss in my personal life. I lost my father and my younger brother in a 2 week time span in 1995. I lost my grandmother in a horrific manner in 2001 and so on. However, I did not allow their passing to hinder my growth. Those terribly sad moments were integral in my development into the Tru Lioness. I was not born strong. I was not born with this unyielding resilience. These character traits are a different response to life experiences.
Lastly, these experiences allow you to become more personable and to more easily relate to others. Everyone has lost someone, everyone has had some type of difficulty in their life. However, some people do not possess the wherewithal to actually successfully overcome the battles to win the war. Some turn to drugs, some turn to relationships and those relationships are usually unhealthy, some become violent. We all have calling in this life. You can inspire others. Your battles can free someone from the mental and emotional prison they have built due to not being able to withstand the pain.
We all desire peace from the woes of life. You may find solace in music, work, art, dance, whatever. I encourage you to pursue those things that bring you peace and joy. Our world in its present state is tough to navigate and tough to survive in. We have to find balance. I myself have to literally make myself slow down and remember that I have one life to live. I do not want to just survive, I want to thrive. Trials and  tribulations will come, but joy, peace, love, happiness can also happen. We have to rise the occasion, raise our vibrations, and cherish the precious moments.

Andre'a the Tru Lioness