Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exciting Times!

Oh my, I have been such a busy woman! I finished up my collaboration poetry book with my partner in rhyme Mr. Fly Ty Unchained. It is called "Locs, Life, & Love: The Knotty Chroniclez. We are currently working on our sequel and I am working on a separate individual work based on some of my life experiences. I have also created a website that will allow me to connect with my audience, as well as those that may not know who I am on a more regular basis. I am working on solidifying my brand as The Lioness. I want to empower people to believe in themselves, their dreams, and abilities-- to see themselves as conquerors. So, for those of you that read this blog, please go and visit my "starter" website and tell me what you think. I can be found at
I look forward to "seeing" you all!

Much Love, Peace, & Blessings,

Andrea "The Lioness"