Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Value of Young Black Men and Their Life

We are living in hostile and frightening times. Our world is filled with violence and hatred, intolerance and ignorance, distress and strife. It grieves me deeply especially when I see the lack of value placed on the lives of our young black men. Their lives are taken and the world continues going about business as usual, with no lapse in activity. The recent announcement of George Zimmerman and DMX and the proposed "celebrity" boxing match is sickening. How dare we even entertain such atrocity? Does killing an innocent teenager, let me rephrase that, an innocent black teenager, make you a celebrity? It is an atrocity and a disturbing trend that is occurring in the United States. Young black boys and men are killed, often violently, and the story is "Well you know he was a thug" or "He was in a gang" or "He smoked marijuana". Does any of these immature acts give someone else the right to kill that individual. It is an outrage that Zimmerman was not imprisoned for murdering Trayon Martin. Now he is profiting off that young man's innocent blood. Not very long ago, Zimmerman sold artwork depicting the prosecutor from his trial for money, now this. He is allowed to skirt the law and it is high time that we took action. Enough is enough. There is a petition on to stop the fight but more needs to be done. We need to take to the airwaves, the streets, to the politicians, to the hood, to the suburbs---the attack against our men is going to end. There is going to be an end to the bloodshed. No more will we take a passive role--it's time to fight! Our men and boys deserve a chance to live! Revolution!

One Love,