Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ratched Fights--Why?

How many times have you seen the “Ratchet fights” posts on your Facebook timeline and wondered why? Sometimes there are situations in which individuals are beat up for good reason, such as abuse of their mate or mistreatment of a child. But, more often than not, it is someone who is fighting over drugs or being bullied and the whole scene makes us look bad. There are videos of other races but most of the ones I have seen have involved black peopl , which is even more disheartening. And to add insult to injury is that sometimes the same people who hit the share button, are the same ones preaching “We have to do better”. Is that not being contradictory? Doing better is applicable to all. We all must do better if we desire better. The universe is a funny thing—what you project, you will receive in return.
Ratchet fights would not have a platform if we did not provide it. We are built to love one another and by feeding into this system where fights between our people are exploited for profit and laughs are certainly not conducive to any progression. We must also be mindful that our children have access to these videos. Is that the message that we want to give our young people—that violence amongst your brothers and sisters is permissible? That it is okay to laugh when someone is punched, kicked, spit on, or worse and then humiliated by being videotaped? No I am not saying that I am the moral authority and yes I do think that are some people that need their behind tore up or worse but, there is a line that we should not cross. And what really is sad is the so-called “grown people” rooting the fights between kids on. What is the world coming to? I implore that the next time you are tempted to share a ratchet fight video, really think about it. Is this the way you want our people to be represented? Is this what we have been reduced to? I am shaking my head as I type because there is no way the world will begin to refrain from the violent acts against us when we laugh and support violence from our own people. Is it really that funny? I do not think so. Take a deep breath and think.
One Love,