Friday, October 9, 2015

Hush Money, Reward, and Progress

Peace to all of you. As I write this, my mind is all over the place. I sat in a brief meditation this morning, reflecting on the murders of our people by police and the cycle of repeated events and the results sickened me. In the majority of high profile deaths of Afrikan people in Amerikkka at the hands of law enforcement, the cycle is :
1. Outrage by the community 
2. An investigation of the events
3. The vilification of the victim by mainstream media, conversations  on police and community relationships
4. Either the police officer is charged or found to be innocent by way of lack of substantial evidence or assumed guilt by the victim  (He went for my gun and so on), but never any conviction or even admission of guilt by them
5. The family of the victim receives huge amounts of money from the city the victim lived in, often before the criminal case is tried, but certainly after. The latest settlement is in the case of Walter Scott who was murdered by an officer in North Charleston.
6. The officer often is paid by either their own departments , as in the case of Kerrick or by GoFundMe accounts established by their supporters.
7. Rinse and repeat.
In the latest case of Randall Kerrick, he is being rewarded, in my opinion, for shooting an unarmed Jonathan Ferrell in 2013. I watched as a representative of the Fraternal Order of Police Officers express his feeling that Kerrick deserved "more" than his settlement of over $100,000. More of what? Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department "negotiated" with him for a resignation and paid him. It makes zero sense at all but this is white supremacy at its finest. What has he suffered that he deserves to have his resignation negotiated in the first place and then paid severance as if he actually served  in any capacity for those who are the hunted. In the KRS-One song "Black Cop", he calls the officer -- overseer and that is exactly what they are. Overseers were paid to inflict pain, power, and dominance over our ancestors and to keep the “nigras” in line and these "officers" are doing the same; they injure, they intimidate, they abuse their power, and if they kill, they are smiled upon, paid for the collection of black bodies. In our communities, the sight of a police car is a constant reminder that we could be the next hashtag on Twitter, the next one with our name in lights, one of the ones whose life could be stolen, with justice never to be had, our families paid hush money, and our names added to the seemingly neverending list of people murdered unarmed by the police. The actions of these men and women in blue is at best atrocious and has caused for the community to view them as a constant threat and a menace. There has not been any reform for these police departments, no true action taken against any who have unjustly murdered our people, and no true blueprint for what should be done when it happens again.
Our communities are in dire need for transformation. At this time, we find ourselves at the bottom of the totem pole in most areas—economically, educationally, and otherwise. The remedy is not to be found in Washington or any other legislative or judicial body within the stolen nation named Amerikkka. The movement should be to establish independence and unification amongst ourselves. We need to police our own neighborhoods. Our people are dying at the hands of each other and it is high time that we seize our circumstances from those who devalue their own people. We need to establish economic initiatives from every state within this nation in which we shop with our own, create our own, and only support our own. I know some may feel the things I speak about may be a bit lofty but our very existence depends on our unity and collective action. No one is coming to save us. We all we got!