Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Continued Atrocities and What Is To Come

Peace to you all
I recently ran across an article about the infamous George Zimmerman retweeting a photo of Trayvon Martin's lifeless body lying on the grass after the murder. Soon after, a social media storm occurred with people expressing their anger and disgust over his actions. As I sat on my couch on Monday evening, I meditated on how I would feel if I was Trayvon's mother as well as how I feel as the mother of four Afrikan sons. The continued downplaying of the murders of our sons and daughters, the lack of empathy and compassion for our losses, the insensitivity of mainstream AmeriKKKa, and the onslaught of continued violence against our people, coupled with the mass media criminalizing the victims is overwhelming. We live in a country that was built upon the backs of our ancestors and yet has a short memory as to what was truly done. Our people were stolen from their homelands, forced to change their names, forget their religion, and treated as animals. We, as a people , have survived through slavery, wars, Jim Crow, and terroristic acts all of these years. And to have our murders placed on social media sites for white inferiority , which is illogically named white supremacy, cuts to the core of my soul. For George Zimmerman, Daniel Pantaleo, Darren Wilson, and so many other murderers to walk free, to gain riches off their barbaric and murderous acts, is a slap in the face of our warrior ancestors. These acts are less than humane. They feed into the machine of oppression because the images are a constant reminder that death can occur by their hand at any given time. The messages are clear and constant. Our lives matter , but not to them. We are simply tools to keep their pockets fat, their country flourishing--it is all tied to economics. We have secured the lifestyles of the rich and famous and we continue to do so. We work for pennies on the dollar in the prisons, which at this time are plantations, cloaked as correctional facilities. We attend their schools and are trained to work for them in their corporations, again to profit them. We are widely segregated into ghettos and slums, where we die in squalor. We run into religious buildings to worship a god that has neither loved us or protected us and looks just like the men who came on the ships over 400 years ago.
I realize that this message is heavy, but I also realize these words are necessary. This is the age of information. We have access to more information than we ever have before and now is the time to harness the information and free ourselves from slavery once and for all. There is a revolution going on right now. More and more of our people are waking from the comatose state and realizing that we have been in a war for 4 centuries. Now is the time for us to unite and take the head off of the beast once and for all!! As our vibrations rise and align, more and more of us are creating lives outside the matrix. They are hearing the rallying cry . It is my sincerest desire to see all of Afrika unite-- to live amongst each other, to raise free thinking children, to do business together, and to be truly liberated. And it will happen! We will never forget what has been done however, we are not looking back! As our dear ancestor Marcus Garvey once said "What do I care about death in the cause of the redemption of Africa?...I could die anywhere in the cause of liberty: A real man dies but once; a coward dies a thousand times before his real death. So we want you to realize that life is not worth its salt except you can live it for some purpose. And the noblest purpose for which to live is the emancipation of a race and the emancipation of posterity."


Andre'a The Tru Lioness