Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Are We Dealing With?

I remember growing up and hearing my grandmother say "We don't hate people, we hate their ways. Some people allow themselves to be ruled by devilish things and behave in hellish ways." That sentence and its sentiment mean so much more to me now than in years past. My grandmother was a devout Christian however, many of her ideals and ways of conduct were direct from her Afrikan roots. She knew and understood vibrations, higher and lower self, etc , though she never used the terms.

These acts of genocide that are occurring are not new. We have been victimized for so many years by the same groups of people. There is a rationale to the behaviors, though it is not clear to so many people. These groups of people have been conditioned, not for years, but for centuries, and they are the offspring of the same people who lynched, burned, raped, stole, and tortured our people without regard or empathy. We need to overstand that people are spirit, then body and since spirits have no  expiration date, meaning that they do not die, these same low vibration, Set-mentality driven beings, continue to be reborn over and over again , influencing new generations of people. There is a war that is being waged that has been happening for years but we are so consumed with the lies of the media, the overall busyness of the world, that we are missing so many important things.

The blessed ancestors desire for us to truly awaken, ask for their assistance and guidance, and operate on a higher level. We have to find our way back to the old ways. People speak often about being "conscious" and "opening their third eye" but once you have the knowledge, how do you apply it? Are you studying just to know or are you studying to actually do? I am always seeking ways to progress, improve myself, and cause change through my actions. I realize the importance of having a right mind and how thoughts manifest.

We have no more time to waste. We have lost 5 of our sisters while they were in police custody, we have our children being attacked, we have our men being murdered as well. Each one has a duty to work toward our liberation. We have to play for keeps. Time is of  the essence. Vibrate higher and focus all of your energy towards this cause!

Peace & Multiple Blessings,
Andre'a The Tru Lioness