Monday, December 22, 2014

Fighing a Mammoth

I woke up this morning as many mornings with an acute awareness of the condition of my people and how there is so much work that needs to be done. I realize that it is so systemic that the wake up call to action is needed now and requires much work, dedication, and diligence. There are many things I could discuss but there are several major factors that I see as consistent themes within our communities that require swift and consistent action.
 1. The continued acts of genocide against our people by police. We need to bring charges against the police and continue to highlight the injustice in every form and way possible. Struggle does not occur without a fight.
2. Building our communities economically; we must control our money, spend with our own, and be deliberate about it.
3. We must continue to speak and bring the truth to those who are asleep. We know we cannot save everyone but, we will do a disservice if we do not reveal the truth.
4. We must challenge the corporations to treat us fairly or withhold profits. Our communities are the biggest consumer.
5. We must know our power. If we weren't a threat, why would we continue to be killed? We are the original Man.
Lastly, we must love. We must love each other, through the ignorance, through the violence, through the pain. Our sisters and brothers need us so much-us who continue to fight, us who are revolutionary. Huey Newton once said "A revolutionary is a doomed man". We know and understand. But, it is my sincerest belief that we are at the cusp of a great tide of change and restoration. We must stand and stand strong!