Friday, August 8, 2014

Life of a Lioness

I have begun studying the life of lions, in particular the she-lion or the lioness. It seems that the more I carry the name “The Lioness”, I am understanding why this name seems to follow and grow on me. Here are a few fun but important facts about the lioness and her life:

1.       They live longer than their male counterparts

2.       The pride or group of lions have a dozen or so lionesses in the pride and they hunt together and help raise their cubs together

3.       The lionesses are successful hunters and use an approach of teamwork to stalk and capture prey

4.       They are very protective of the family and are wary of outside “non-familial” lionesses.


In reading about the lionesses, I identified many of these attributes within myself. I truly believe in sisterhood and working together towards a common goal. I often tell people that I don’t have friends; I have family members. I definitely am protective of my family as well as my bonus family members and their children. I view them as my own children and love them all.

My study of lions has helped me identify three key characteristics that we all need to survive in the world today—courage, strength, and unity. Courage grows and develops your strength and unity multiplies it. If we unify for a common goal, we can strike a mighty blow. It is my hope that you will join me in my #weareconquerors movement. More things to come for my Lions & Lionesses!! We are taking over!


One Love,