Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sunshine and Good Mood

It is funny the way the weather effects my mood. If it is sunny, I tend to feel extra happy and joyful. It is no secret to those who know me best that I have a very positive and "sunny" attitude. With the warmer weather comes the opportunity to go outside and make memories. Living moments is what life is all about. Yes I have to work full-time in order to properly care for my family and maintain my obligations. But my job is not my life. Yes I enjoy watching the Knicks play on my TV and listening to music on my IPhone but my possessions are not my life. Material possessions will inevitably come and go but memories are lasting. Often we attempt to fill the empty spaces of our life with material things but what do you have when they are gone? Buying more and more things will provide you with a temporary satisfaction but what we all desire is enduring joy. When you die, will people remember that yellow leather Michael Kors bag or the way you made them feel when they went to your house for a cookout. If and when we grow old, will we remember the flat screen TV we purchased 30 years prior or will we remember the way our spouse looked into our eyes when we spent a day at the beach with our children. Live your life! Go outside, enjoy your family and friends, and make memories. They will thank you for it!

One Love,